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Friday, October 17, 2008

Since I'm the only one!

Since I'm the only one blogging on here, I'm thinking about calling it quits. I was so excited joining this blog but I feel as though it has been put on the back burner by everyone, including myself. I want it to be like the old times, everyone was blogging about their progress, etc. I'm being whiny, and that's OK. But for an update here goes...

I started the gym this past Tuesday. It wasn't so bad, the instructor just let me get a feel for the gym and some of the machines he wanted me to start working out on, at first. So I'm doing an elliptical machine, another machine (i can't remember the name) and then the treadmill, and a machine that sits on top of a table and you use your arms and hands to pedal. It's actually really cool. I guess I will keep you update, as long as "others" start blogging too!

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Jenny said...

Aww, is that a guilt trip? I do need to blog. I am just not doing so great. One night I eat a salad, the next I eat donuts. I was really hoping the yoga would be good for me, but then since I was the only one who showed up we couldn't have it! :-( I thought the Level 1 would be over my head, and besides, it was going to cost $80 and I'd have had to buy a mat for like $15-$20. Vicky said she'd go next time. Maybe you can too, Kelly! I guess it depends on what time they start.